About Us

Porter Insurance was started in 1979.  In 35 years of servicing our local residents, our largest reward is helping customers like yourself save money on your insurance so you can have more money to pay bills.

The owner, Tony Harper, has served as President of the Texas Professional Insurance Agent for 2 years.  Mr. Harper is the current President, being asked to serve a 3rd consecutive term.

We have over 40 Insurance Companies to service your Insurance needs. 

Our motto is: "If you don’t compare don’t complain.”

We have an outstanding team of Commercial underwriters that can insure your General Liability, Commercial Auto, Workers Compensation, Umbrella, and then some.

Our Personal Lines Customer Service Reps will find you the best price for the best value on all you insurance needs.

Call us, it’s free, and it will save you some money to put back in your pocket!